How to Score Cheap Theatre Tickets
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How to Score Cheap Theatre Tickets

I’m just going to come out and say it–I totally and completely benefit from this post. I mean, this post is for my readers of course–those who arrived here after googling “Why the f*** is Broadway theater so expensive.”

But this post is also for me. Why? Because if you use the app I’m about to tell you about and plug in the handy coupon code (MFVFW) you get $10 off your first ticket purchase….also, I get 10 bucks too.

I’m talking about Today Tix.

This handy little app makes it oh-so-easy to find and purchase affordable theater tickets without the line-waiting or lottery-entering angst that comes with trying to see an in-demand show. Today Tix works in most major cities with a hearty theater culture.

New York, London, DC, Chicago and more…


You can get tickets for musicals, stand-up, plays, circuses and most theatrical productions…Except Hamilton. No one knows how to get tickets to Hamilton.

If you’re traveling solo, Today Tix is the way to go for last minute tickets discounted special for those of us who don’t need seats together (Singles:1 Couples: 0…BOO-YA!)

Today Tix also takes the hassle out of waiting in long lines for last call seats. Just log on to the app and pick a seat out of a digital diagram of the theater’s floorplan. Then, go get a drink. Or two. Plus some snacks. Arrive at the theater 20 minutes before the show and pickup your tickets from a poor struggling actor wearing the Today Tix fleece. Skip into you show feeling scrappy AF.



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