Dance & Travel Inspiration
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Dance & Travel Inspiration


“WTF do travel and dance have to do with each other? I just want to find the local bar.”

^Things I imagine people reading this blog say^

I get it, the connection between dance and travel isn’t quite clear. But chances are if you seeking the local’s bar, a local dance scene isn’t far away. Social dance is a window into living and experiencing other cultures. Dropping in on a neighborhood party and slipping in some smooth moves is about as immersive as it gets.

I also know is that pursuing my two passions, dance and travel, have presented me with some awesome opportunities and experiences. I still am motivated to travel while performing as a dancer. And I’m infinitely curious about the dance world beyond my own borders. For me, dance and travel are a natural fit.

I explore and see the world through the lens of dance.

Wonder what that’s like? Take a peek at some of my favorite organizations perpetuating the partnership between dance and travel.

Dancers of NY

Dancers of NY profiles some of New York’s most inspiring and prolific dancers. Though all these dancers are based in the “City of Dreams,” they all have incredible stories that have brought them from all corners of the world. If you’re looking to spend the morning day reading stories about beating immigration odds, overcoming life-altering injuries, or changing careers on a dime then dive into the archives of Dancers of NY. These dancers and their stories remind me that there is no “right,” way to go about becoming who you want to be. In fact, it’s all a glorious, serendipitous journey that can take you all over the world and back.

Dance Adventures

Dance Adventures is a tour company that designs trips around exploring locales through their local dance scene. For dancers of all levels, Dance Adventures aims to bring travelers close to “the artistic soul of a new community.” Tours feature dance classes, music and dance performances, and nights out with locals. Dance Adventures currently tours to Ireland, Dominican Republic, Guinea, Austria, Argentina, and Brazil.

Travel Bare Feet

Mikaela Milozzi is who I want to be. Seriously, she has my dream job. She hosts and produces the Emmy award-winning series “Travel Bare Feet.” This PBS show travels all over the world following Mikaela as she explores cultures through their traditional dance. Think Tango in Argentina, and K-pop in South Korea. Mikaela gets out on the dance floor, in front of the camera for audiences to laugh, enjoy, and (hopefully) be inspired to get moving.

Dance Network’s “Traveling Dancer,” Series

Dance Network has produced an awesome series that, in the same vein of Travel Bare Feet explores cities and countries through their dance culture. Sign up with to access the series. Dive into their first season, each episode just one hour.

Why do I love dance so much? It connects us as humans. And in my opinion, that’s also why traveling is so enriching–It pushes us to form relationships outside of our comfort zone. Forming human connections and bonds is the greatest thing we can do as people. That means putting down the phone occasionally. Grab someone’s hand, pull them out onto the dance floor, communicate across language barriers through the universal language of dance and music.

Why dance is the next big thing in travel

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