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Article Assignments

Storytelling starts with the written word. I know, I know “Video is the future.” But all videos start as a story, a script, and a storyboard. Start at the very beginning with a well-crafted story that won’t grow stale and aims to attract loyal, curious readers. Let’s talk. I love an unconventional angle and a good challenge.

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Brand Content

In today’s experience economy, digital consumers (ahem, everyone) are looking for content that is moving, curious, visceral, useful, and worthy of their time. All buying decisions are emotional–a reflection of who we are. So it’s crucial your brand evokes a feeling, mood, time, and place (sometimes in as little as 3 seconds). Let’s not contribute to the flavorless digital buffet out there, and instead, craft something with bite. Let’s find the personal story you want to tell so you can foster loyal relationships with your community through content that’s unforgettable. View my photography and videography and get inspired.

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