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My Favorite Un-Travel Bloggers

Traveling the world isn’t always glamorous, and I’m sick of map flatlays and coffee closeups that make you feel otherwise.

(disclaimer: I also kind of love map flatlays…because maps)

Photo Credit Ian Dooley

Here is my round up of travel bloggers who don’t give a f*** about fantasizing the “I’m traveling and writing about it!” thing. Their Instagrams are not color-coordinated, their stories are chock full of missteps, and if you traveled with them your trip wouldn’t be perfect–but it would be a damn good time.

This post is meant to be a compliment to the bloggers out there keeping it real and authentic while inspiring others to travel and find their own story. It means they write and blog like they’re your friend and want to help you. Or they want to make you laugh and feel less alone. We need more of that in the world…we do not need more top 10 listicles and “What to Do In. ______” We get it, you found a cool bar Bar-thelona *eyeroll*.

Here are my favorite web writers. I wish you well on the rabbit hole of hilarious posts you are about to fall into.


I really wish Geraldine was my friend. I wish we could meet up over cupcakes and laugh about our outfits and be self-deprecating together…sadly, Geraldine and I are not real life friends  🙁 Though sometimes it feels that way because her writing is genuine and natural–like listening to your friend recount their vacation over lots of wine. I’ve followed Geraldine for a while now and many moons ago I signed up to be notified when her book All Over the Place: Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft was finished. I immediately downloaded it to my Kindle, unable to wait for a hardcopy, and finished it in under 2 days. I am now wallowing in post-amazing-book depression (its a thing). But I’m looking forward to re-reading it later. Her tales are timeless and relatable and her storytelling reminds me that being human is hilarious, hard, and beautiful.

Found this tonight while cleaning out an old wallet of mine. Both the quote and the photo are about a decade old.

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Young Adventuress

Liz was one of the female first bloggers I ever stumbled upon. She’s a super successful blogger that regularly drops the F-bomb with impeccable comedic timing. Her writing is also like a conversation with a good friend, and is full of beautiful imagery that features the destination…not a waify girl twirling around in a sundress (but also guilty). Liz is a storyteller, one that reminds you that traveling is not about checking off lists, but pursuing happiness.

Free Candie

Candice is a blogger turned freelance writer with a knack for a telling you an itinerary without boring you to goddam tears. Her travels are always chock-full of stories and tips that are actually useful (“Find great mozzarella sticks here,” or “Stay drunk and bring $ for tipping.”) Perhaps my favorite line from Candice’s blog is on her about page: “My life is more than travel and adventure, sort of. Sometimes my life is reading good books and drinking a lot of beer on a Tuesday afternoon just because I can, dammit.” Amen, sister. I also like how Candice balances a life of travel with a healthy dose of “staying put.” She’s now working out of Newfoundland as a travel writer and communications professional.

Good morning. #bookstagram #bookish #bookshelf #2017readingchallenge #nlwx #coffeetime

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Surviving in Italy

Misty Evans is among this group of amazing writers because she too writes with no apologies and makes my coffee snort up into my nose. I came upon Misty’s blog when I was dating an Italian from Naples. I think I must have googled “What is it like to date an Italian man?” (because actually dating one wasn’t enough of an education for me *face palm*)… I fell so in love with Misty and her hilarious life in Florence that I almost ran away with aforementioned Napolitan. I wanted to try and replicate her witty expat life by trying my hand at writing sarcastically about the cultural gaps between said boyfriend and me. Luckily I realized there needed to be more to my relationship than blog post inspo. So I didn’t stay with the Italian boyfriend, despite the hilarious way he pronounced the word “burger patty” (boo-gher paht-ee). I still love following Misty, her Italian hubby, their poodle, and their journey–be it in Italy or not. I also appreciate how Misty writes about anxiety and depression openly. As a sufferer myself, it was refreshing to hear another blogger be honest and sincere about a very real struggle.

I have no idea what song that noise is supposed to be. My happy noise? Atina, Italy.

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Never Ending Footsteps

I dig Lauren’s writing because it centers around how NOT to travel the world. She’s made a lot of mistakes and in turn, her stories are hilarious and relatable and essential to her style.  Lauren suffers from severe anxiety but travels anyway, which I can totally identify with. Often times I’m terrified to book a flight, but once I do I feel relief and calm in a way I expect ancient Greeks did when they said “It is now up to the Gods.” Lauren also doesn’t accept comped trips or sponsorships. She just works hard to travel and shares her struggles of being a digital nomad honestly and sincerely.


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Who are your favorite honest writers out there? I’m eager to read their stuff! Comment below.

Un-Travel Bloggers, Writers Keeping It Real On The WebUn-Travel Bloggers, Writers Keeping It Real On The Web

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