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Where to Dance NYC: Broadway Dance Center

Where to Dance NYC: Broadway Dance Center

Maybe you got here because you googled “Where to dance in New York City,” or maybe you clicked over from my first post “Where to dance in New York City:  Edition #1.” Either way, welcome! You’re in the right place. New York can be an intimidating city to dance in. After all, it’s considered the motherland of musical theater and where legendary dancers have solidified their name in the pantheon of dance. But don’t let the Concrete Jungle scare you off. As long as you have a love for the art, all are welcome here. 

One of my favorite places to swing in for a drop-in class is Broadway Dance Center. As the name implies, this dance hub is right off Broadway in Midtown. But you can take just about any style of dance here, not just musical theater. Check out BDC’s schedule to find the class for you. You can even swing in for non-traditional classes like “Vocal Training for Dancers,” “BodyArt,” or “Popping.”  

Where to go:

Broadway Dance Center

322 W 45th St

New York, NY


BDC is located in midtown, off of 45th. It’s right next to a strip club (“Flashdancers,” but no affiliation there) and a beer garden (great for an after-class drink!), but don’t let this scare you away. BDC isn’t hard to find. However, you’ll enter just to the left of the main door by ringing the buzzer and getting buzzed in. Once inside head up the staircase immediately in front of you to floor 3. This is the main lobby and where you’ll register and pay for your class. You’ll need to create an account before dropping in. If you’re part of a performers union like Actor’s Equity or SAG, don’t forget to show your card to get special discounts. Classes are usually $22, or $18 for union members.

Broadway Dance Center
The name of this strip club tends to rotate. Currently “Flashdancers.”

Once you’re signed up for class, follow the well-marked signs to your studio. Bathrooms with showers and lockers are available if you’d like to keep your bags safe. BDC is also home to a small boutique selling dancewear and a select amount of dance shoes. 

What to Expect

BDC is a maze of studios and, at certain times of the day, packed with dancers professional and novice alike. Again, don’t let the commotion intimidate you. After all, this is dance class, not an audition. Class if for learning and experimenting with movement, but too often dancers go into it thinking they have an audience to impress. Do your best not compare yourself to others and enjoy discovering the uniqueness to your dance.

dancers in studio

Broadway Dance Center Recommendations:

For Contemporary Jazz: Tracey Stanfield, Ashlee Dawson

For Musical Theater: Al Blackstone, Karla Puno Garcia

For Tap: Ray Hesselink

Enjoy dancing at BDC and let me know your experience in the comments!

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